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Welcome to the Ashtabula County Democratic Party

“Let us never forget that our government is ourselves.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

In every corner of Ashtabula County, Democrats work every day to make a better life for all members of our community.  We believe the sharpest corner of Ohio is worthy of investment – of our time, of our energy, and of our resources.  We believe the spirit that has made Ashtabula County great since its founding – a spirit that opened the doors to the west, that brought slaves to the freedom they sought, that forged steel – is alive and well and that we need only fan the flames.  We will strive to bring that spirit into all endeavors.  We will work hard for the betterment of our county by investing in a future that honors our proud history, our hard work, and the unique beauty of our corner of Northeast Ohio.  

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Every vote counts. Early voting for the May 7th primary starts April 9th.


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